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May 2009
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kastrerad [userpic]
I have no life

Well. Sorta.
I don't write in journals much..And livejournal confuses me. Plus I'm too lazy to learn.
So...what has happened since I posted those lame icons?
Well. I burnt myself on the arm.
I got back my mp3 player, only I got a new one instead of the old fixed. Wowie, isn't this interesting?
I'm going back to 'work' on Monday, oh for the love of the Planet, I dun wanna! ;_;
I have to get a present and go to my friend's baby girl's baptism-thing. I feel sooo old.
My's going away. Again. And she just came back from France too.. She's going off to school. I'll be lonely again. D:
I could go on and on about how my life sucks and be all emo but I dun wanna. Cause. I'm lazy. And it's lame.
Vincent (not me = confusing) intrigues me. o.0
BUT WHY IS EVERYONE TALLER THAN ME!? I... I feel my manliness like, drooping..

Perhaps I should get wedged shoes..?
Wait wait. That's not manly at aaall.

Now I'm just rambling stupidly. Cause I'm bored. And really tired.

I'm going to bed.
Ciao. o_o

Current Mood: tiredtired

Because you are a mushroom-picking little Reno! D: *intrigues you with tallness and monster-breasts*

*Attaches to boobs* D: